What We Do 

American democracy today is faced with structural and ideological questions in dire need of answers.  Structurally, economic and demographic trends hollow out rural communities, concentrate voters in suburbs and cities, and exacerbate tribalism. What’s red is getting redder, and what’s blue is getting bluer.

Voter concentration, partnered with partisan gerrymandering create a massive structural disadvantage for Democrats. When Democrats manage to overcome these structural disadvantages, Republicans change the rules by restricting access to the ballot box to further consolidate power. Voter suppression is a core Republican strategy, and as long as Republicans are in a position to restrict voting access, we can expect the will of the voters to continue to be ignored.  

We see our path to a 2020 victory through the work we do in 2019 in preparing the infrastructure we’ll need for success, engaging the next generation of voters and leaders, and contributing to the political conversation that defines the Pennsylvania political atmosphere.

The 2020 Electoral College leans Republican, with 248 Republican votes compared to 244 Democrat. In 2019, Kennedy Democrats seek to elect Democrats to County Commissioner seats across the state. These are the roles that matter to Boards of Elections, essentially the gatekeepers of voting access across the state. We may already be at an Electoral College disadvantage going into 2020, but by winning important county-level seats in 2019, we ensure that every vote is at the very least counted and we set the stage for further success in 2020.

Setting the stage for success in 2020 means creating an infrastructure for all votes to be counted, but also, bringing out as many voters as possible. We are committed to drawing out younger voters and encouraging them to become regular voters for years to come. By holding political engagement events accessible to students and young people, Kennedy Democrats plan to appeal to young voters on their own terms, and support the causes that are of most concern to the next generation. We’ve witnessed the power of youth activists in the past year on issues such as gun control and green energy. We believe these efforts deserve our attention. The next generation is speaking. We should listen to their voice.